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  • Computer Software Training
    Basic to Advanced

  • Professional Reports

  • Presentations - we can make them for you

  • Manual Design/Creation

  • Consulting

  • Skills Assessment

  • Soft Skill Training - Customer Service, Management Training, Basic Body Language, Negotiations, Conflict Resolution, Public Speaking and more. Contact us for your specific needs.


You can follow our outline or any course - including unique company software - can be custom designed for your needs.

New courses added regularly, please contact us for more information.

(Microsoft Office programs are versions 2019/O365
or earlier).

Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8.1/10
The operating system and controller of your computer. Manage your files and software applications.

MS Word Level 1
Create and edit documents, format text, format documents and set up the pages to your needs

MS Word Level 2
Learn writing and drawing tools, tables, newspaper columns and documentation tools

MS Word Level 3
Sort and merge text and data, use formulas, worksheets, charts, macros, graphics, borders, shading, watermarks and routed documents.

MS Excel Level 1
Spreadsheet tasks, simple formulas, named ranges, formatting and printing.

MS Excel Level 2
Work with multiple worksheets and workbooks, link data, audit worksheets, advanced formulas, use comments, styles, templates and charts.

MS Excel Level 3
Learn lists, alternative ways to build formulas, filtering, macros, user-defined functions, “What If” analysis, scenarios, pivot tables, queries, importing and exporting files, object linking and embedding, shared workbooks and protecting data.

MS Access Level 1
Create your database, build and modify tables, forms, reports and queries.

MS Access Level 2
Manage tables, control data integrity, build and modify forms and reports, select queries and work with macros.

MS Access Level 3
Learn advanced queries, advanced forms, manipulate and display report and form data, exchange data with other programs.

MS PowerPoint Level 1
Create and enhance your presentation, change appearances, create notes and handouts, draw objects, insert clipart, display and print your presentations.

MS PowerPoint Level 2
Organize charts, data charts and tables, use advanced visual techniques, transfer data between Microsoft Office products, customize your presentation, use animation effects, scanned images, sounds, movies and presentation delivery techniques.

MS Outlook Level 1
E-mail, set up Contacts, track appointments, schedule with the calendar, organize tasks, keep journals, notes and print documents.

MS Outlook Level 2
Manage and customize Outlook, personal distribution lists, message features, schedule meetings, complete tasks, templates and forms, faxes, phone calls, rules and manage folders.

MS Office O365 including One Drive and multitude of apps such as Teams, Forms, Skype for Business, Sway etc.

SharePoint & Apps

Internet Edge
Learn the safe and proper techniques of using the Internet. Surf quickly and effectively, download pictures and programs.

MS Publisher
Create professional looking flyers, brochures, posters, business cards, greeting cards, invitations and Web pages.

MS Expression Web
Easily create and manage your Web pages.

MS OneNote
Note taking management program and more!

File Management
Organize, protect and keep track of your files and pictures.

Adobe Acrobat
Create high-impact PDF communications.

Computers 101
Introduction to computers and software - feel comfortable, start using and enjoying them!

Skype & Skype for Business
Skype to Skype calls, Group Video calls for business or personal use, Instant Messaging, Call Phone #'s, Screen Sharing.

Group Video calls for business or personal use, Instant Messaging, Call Phone #'s, Screen Sharing.

Office Administration Program
A combination of Windows, MS Office, File Management, Various soft skills all designed to meet the demands of the business environment.

MS Visio
Create professional diagrams to simplify complex information with updated shapes, collaboration tools and data-linked diagrams.

MS Project
Streamline project, resource, and portfolio management. Integrated planning tools help you keep track of projects and stay organized.

Soft Skills
Multitude of various soft skill programs including: customer service, dealing with difficult people, body language, conflict resolution, public speaking and many more. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Unique Corporate Programs
Unique programs can be learnt and then taught to corporate employees.

Multitude of other Softwares
Please contact for individual information